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Trail Hog A/T

The Kanati Trail Hog is a true all season tire. Its all terrain tread gives you the ability to handle all types of weather and road conditions. From rocky terrains to snowy paths, the Trail Hog provides excellent traction and responsiveness.  Its heavily siped lugs and rugged beveled shoulder blocks deliver extra biting edges for improved steering and control. In addition, the Trail Hog is mountain snow flake rated and compatible with #16 studs for enhanced handling performance.

  • Mountain Snow Flake Rated
  • Winter Stud Compatible using #16 studs
  • Superior traction and control
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Tough 3-ply sidewall construction
  • Snow Performance
  • 3-Ply Sidewall
Trail Hog A/T
Trail Hog A/T
Trail Hog A/T
Trail Hog A/T

Features & Highlights

All-Year Operability

Grooves and generous siping provide effective clean-out and enhanced traction in snow to rocky terrains. Uses #16 studs.

All-Year Operability

3- Ply Sidewall

3-ply sidewall constructions reinforces structural integrity for greater puncture resistance.

3- Ply Sidewall

Variable Pitch Design

Variable angle tread blocks help reduce road noise while also providing biting edges for better traction in any direction.

Variable Pitch Design

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSILoad IndexSpeedMax Load
LTG1626575ELT265/75R1610PR18.031.810.7 on 7.57-852.380123/120Q3415/3085
LTH1628575ELT285/75R1610PR18.032.911.5 on 8.07.5-9.052.380126/123Q3750/3415
LTG1723580ELT235/80R1710PR18.031.99.2 on 6.56-7.548.280120/117Q3085/2835
LTG1724570ELT245/70R1710PR18.030.69.8 on 76.4-8.047.480119/116Q3000/2755
LTG1724575ELT245/75R1710PR18.031.69.8 on 76.5-7.549.280121/118Q3195/2910
LTG1726570ELT265/70R1710PR18.031.710.6 on 87-8.551.280121/118Q3195/2910
LTG1728570ELT285/70R1710PR18.032.811.5 on 8.57.5-957.080123/120Q3465/3120
LTG1730570ELT305/70R1710PR18.03412.3 on 98-9.563.380121/118Q3195/2910
LTG1731570ELT315/70R1710PR18.034.512.7 on 9.58-1165.480121/118Q3195/2910
LTG1735125E35X12.50R17LT10PR18.034.612.8 on 108.5-1164.580121Q3195
LTG1737125E37x12.5R17LT10PR18.036.713.0 on 108.5-1172.580124Q3525
LTG1826570ELT265/70R1810PR18.032.710.7 on 87-954.380124/121Q3525/3195
LTG1827565ELT275/65R1810PR18.032.310.9 on 87.5-955.080123/120Q3415/3085
LTG1827570ELT275/70R1810PR18.033.410.9 on 87-8.557.380125/122Q3640/3305
LTG1830570ELT305/70R1810PR18.034.912.4 on 98.5-1067.180126/123Q3750/3415
LTG1837125E37X12.50R18LT10PR18.036.712.9 0n 108.5-1172.180128Q3970
LTG2026560ELT265/60R2010PR18.032.510.7 on 87.5-9.555.280121/118Q3195/2910
LTH2027555ELT275/55R2010PR18.03211.2 on 8.57.5-9.50.080120/117Q3085/2835
LTH2027560ELT275/60R2010PR18.03311 on 87.5-9.557.180123/120Q3415/3085
LTH2027565ELT275/65R2010PR18.034.310.8 on 87.5-9.559.280126/123Q3750/3415
LTH2028560ELT285/60R2010PR18.033.511.5 on 8.58-1059.880125/122Q3640/3305
LTH2030555ELT305/55R2010PR18.033.312.4 on 9.58.5-1063.480121/118Q3195/2910
LTH2032560ELT325/60R2010PR18.035.413.1 on 9.59-1271.280126/123Q3750/3415
LTH2035125E35x12.50R20LT10PR18.034.712.5 on 108.5-1166.680121Q3195
LTH2037125E37x12.5R20LT10PR18.036.712.7 on 108.5-1171.380126Q3750

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