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Greensaver Sawtooth

Designed to tackle your golfing and garden activities with minimal effort, the Greensaver Sawtooth is the ideal tire for your utility equipment and golf cart needs.  Gentle on lawns, yet tough enough to handle you’re your daily task, the Greensaver Sawtooth is the go to choice in golfing communities across the nation, loved for its reliability and performance as an OE replacement tire.   

The Greensaver Sawtooth meet and exceeds DOT standard and is made from quality and long lasting compunds, designed to give you plenty of drive time and the freedom to focus on what you enjoy doing the most. 

  • 4-Ply Rated
  • Meets and Exceeds DOT Standards
  • Supports up to 815 lbs.
  • OE Replacement Tire
  • Perfect for all your golf cart needs
Greensaver Sawtooth

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingLoad RangeT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax Load

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