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Kanati Mongrel

The Kanati Mongrel changed the ATV/UTV tire industry.  Its the original tire that first met and exceeded DOT standards. It was built specifically for today’s SXS that feature greater horsepower and speed capabilities.  Its 10-ply rated radial construction helps support larger max loads, while the re-engineered sidewall delivers even greater puncture resistance and a smoother ride.  Its full coverage tread pattern wraps around the tire creating a rounded profile which is optimized for peak performance in multiple terrains. Available in 15 sizes, this champion proven tire is able to overcome some of the toughest off-road obstacles.

  • 10-ply rated construction 
  • Meets and exceeds DOT standards 
  • Aggressive tread for superior traction  
  • Designed for all types of terrains 
  • Reinforced sidewall for greater puncture resistance 
  • All-Terrain
  • Meets DOT Standards
  • 10-Ply Rated
Kanati Mongrel
Kanati Mongrel
Kanati Mongrel
Kanati Mongrel

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax Load
AM122310MG23X10.00R126PR15.023.3 on 7.09.66-822.520615
AM122508MG25X8.00R1210PR20.025.3 on 7.08.25-724.020600
AM122510MG25X10.00R1210PR20.025.3 on 7.09.56-827.020715
AM122610MG26X10.00R1210PR21.026.4 on 7.09.16-828.620760
AM122709MG27X9.00R1210PR20.027.3 on 7.096-728.720760
AM122711MG27X11.00R1210PR20.027.4 on 7.0107-931.420855
AM142610MG26x10.00R1410PR17.025.9 on 7.09.67-926.420740
AM142709MG27X9.00R1410PR20.027.4 on 7.08.75-728.120715
AM142711MG27X11.00R1410PR19.527.6 on 7.09.77-930.920855
AM142810MG28X10.00R1410PR19.528.5 on 7.09.16-831.120855
AM143010MG30x10.00R1410PR19.530.6 on 7.09.46-836.820935
AM143210MG32X10.00R1410PR19.532.5 on 8.010.16-840.8201070
AM152810MG28X10.00R1510PR20.028.7 on 7.09.36-829.620825
AM153010MG30X10.00R1510PR19.030.7 on 7.096-837.920910
AM153210MG32X10.00R1510PR19.032.4 on 7.09.66-841.5201050



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