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Dirt Commander

A super-tough, puncture-resistant 8-ply rated bias tire, the Dirt Commander offers the perfect lug depth for optimal performance in all types of conditions. The deep siped tread design offers superior traction; this allows the Dirt Commander to tear into rocks, mud, dirt, creek beds, grass, hills, and steep rock ledges. The 8-ply rating construction ensures you’ll confidently dominate the terrain with optimal handling. Additionally, mud easily cleans off the Dirt Commander to prevent loss of traction!

  • Super tough and puncture resistance
  • 8-Ply rated bias construction
  • Deep sipes for super traction
  • Biting edges for greater stability and control
  • Deep Lugs
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Bias
Dirt Commander
Dirt Commander
Dirt Commander
Dirt Commander

Features & Highlights

8-ply rated construction

Provides a super tough body carcass and greater puncture resistance.

8-ply rated construction

Deep Siping

Helps deliver superior traction and more biting edges to dig deep into terrain.

Deep Siping

Large Void Ratio

Allows for effective clear out of mud, dirt, and rocks.

Large Void Ratio

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax Load
AE122508DC25X8.00-128PR27.025.2 on 7.08.25-720.57/12340/480
AE122510DC25X10.00-128PR27.025.2 on 7.09.56-825.97/12420/580
AE122609DC26X9.00-128PR27.025.7 on 7.08.756-723.77/12410/570
AE122611DC26X11.00-128PR27.025.8 on 7.0107-927.17/12480/680
AE122709DC27X9.00-128PR26.027.7 on 6.08.56-725.020750/920
AE122711DC27X11.00-128PR26.027.8 on 8.010.67-929.320780/960
AE122810DC28X10.00-128PR27.027.9 on 7.09.67-829.320855
AE142609DC26X9.00-148PR27.026.0 on 7.08.56-723.47/14700/1,000
AE142611DC26X11.00-148PR27.026.0 on 7.09.77-928.27/14730/1,045
AE142709DC27X9.00-148PR26.027.0 on 7.08.46-724.620750/1075
AE142711DC27X11.00-148PR260.027.0 on 8.0107-929.420785/1120
AE142909DC29X9.00-148PR26.029.5 on 6.08.55-728.220925
AE142911DC29X11.00-148PR26.029.6 on 8.010.47-933.020985
AE143010DC30X10.00-148PR26.030.6 on 7.09.86-833.7201050
AE143210DC32X10.00-148PR27.032 on 7.09.66-836.2201070
AE153010DC30X10.00-158PR26.030.8 on 7.09.56-838.020890

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