Tow-Master Testimonial with Pinky’s Tire Service

When it comes to tires, Greenball has every road covered! Like, our Tow-Master ASC trailer tires that provide increased performance, reinforcement and durability no matter what you’re towing.

We recently sat down with Leon Throckmorton, owner of Pinky’s Tire Service in Ventura, to ask him about his personal experience with his very own Tow-Masters! Here’s what Leon had to say-

Please introduce yourself.   Let us know who you are, the type of industry you work in, and why you needed the Tow-Master ASC.

Being in the tire business and I’ve seen a lot of my customers have their vacations interrupted with tire issues.  So when it comes to my own family trips, I don’t take any risks and I choose the Greenball Tow Master ASC tires. Most tire issues are caused by having a nail stuck in the tire, but with my Tow-Master ASC tires, I feel completely confident that they won’t go flat.

What are you currently towing, with what vehicle?  Approximately how much weight were you towing and what PSI did you run?

Currently I’m towing a 2015 Sandsport Trailer, with my 2015 Chevy 2500 4X4. I would say it’s about 13,000 pounds at around 80 PSI. I need a tire that can stand up to the weight!

Where was your most recent trip and how many miles did you travel?

We went along central coast in California  for a family camping trip and we covered 650 miles round trip.

Describe your experience, the more detail the better!

The quality of the ride was smooth. Considering a few winding roads, we noticed when we got to our destination that none of our items in the trailer had bounced around or moved. Everything stayed put!

Compared to other trailer tires you’ve used, how would you rate the performance of the ASC’s?

I feel these tires had less rolling resistance, as it didn’t take a much power to keep it rolling.  Which in turn was great, it saved me on fuel costs.

I also noticed that in braking, I was able to stop sooner.

So did these tires hold up to the Tow-Master brand?

Yes, we expect the best out the Tow-Master brand, and I was not disappointed.

What do you feel was the best thing about these tires, and why?

Plain and simple- you don’t have to worry about flats! The smooth ride is also a huge plus for me.

Is there anything you feel could be improved?

I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

Do you feel these tires are a good value?

Yes, absolutely.

Will you be carrying the Tow-Master ASC at your place of business?  May we list you on our dealer locator?

Yes! I currently have them in stock and would love to be added to your dealer locator!

Would you recommend these tires to friends and customers?

Yes, in fact I’ve sold quite a few sets to my friends and family.

Leon and his daughter

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Leon! We’re proud to make a tire that you trust on your family vacations! If you’re in the Los Angeles or Ventura County Area, make sure you stop by Pinky’s Tire Service located at 2878 Sherwin Ave, Ventura, CA 93003 or visit their website at!

Don’t leave your next trip to chance- get your own Tow-Master Tires today!

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