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Armor Hog ATX

The Kanati Armor Hog is the industry's first light truck tire constructed with a robust 12-ply rated ALL STEEL body ply.  Providing greater stability and durability than standard fabric ply construction, the Armor Hog has an increased load capacity for heavy-duty towing and payloads.  The stronger all-steel casing delivers superior impact and puncture resistance for greater dependability in the toughest terrains and road conditions. Designed with an aggressive all-terrain tread it give drivers the confidence and traction they need for some serious off-road adventures, while its variable pitch technology helps maximize noise reduction for a comfortable ride.

There is no other tire available in today's market that even comes close the Armor Hog's protection level and dependability. Are you ready for the next step in tire evolution?

  • 12-ply rated All-Steel construction for superior impact and puncture resistance.
  • Enhanced strength for reliable heavy-duty towing and payloads
  • Variable pitch technology maximizes noise reduction
  • Multi-faceted tread blocks for excellent terrain-grabbing traction

  • Puncture resistant
  • 12-Ply
  • All-Steel body ply
Armor Hog ATX
Armor Hog ATX
Armor Hog ATX
Armor Hog ATX

Features & Highlights

12-Ply Rated All-Steel Body Ply

Delivers superior impact and puncture resistance for greater dependability in the toughest of terrains and road conditions.

12-Ply Rated All-Steel Body Ply

Multi-Faceted All Terrain Tread

Provides excellent traction in all conditions to confidently navigate through some serious off-road adventures.

Multi-Faceted All Terrain Tread

Variable Pitch Technology

Engineered to reduce road noise for a more comfortable ride on the highway.

Variable Pitch Technology

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSILoad IndexSpeedMax Load
LA1726570F-256LT265/70R1712PR18.031.810.7 on 87.0-8.50.095126/123Q3750/3415
LA1728570F-256LT285/70R1712PR18.032.911.5 on 8.57.5-9.00.095129/126Q4080/3750
LA1733125F-25633x12.50R17LT12PR18.032.712.5 on 108.5-11.00.080124Q3525
LA1735125F-25635x12.50R17LT12PR18.034.712.5 on 108.5 - 11.00.080129Q4080
LA1737125F-25637x12.50R17LT12PR18.036.712.50 on 108.5 - 11.00.080129Q4080
LA1826570F-256LT275/70R1812PR18.032.710.7 on 87.5-9.00.095129/126Q4080/3750
LA1827565F-256LT275/65R1812PR18.032.210.9 on 87.5-9.00.095127/124Q3860/3525
LA1827570F-256LT275/70R1812PR18.033.310.9 on 8 7.0-9.00.095129/126Q4080/3750
LA1835125F-25635x12.50R18LT12PR18.034.712.5 on 108.5-11.00.080128Q3970
LA2026560F-256LT265/60R2012PR18.032.710.7 on 87.5-9.50.095125/122Q3640/3305
LA2027560F-256LT275/60R2012PR18.033.110.9 on 87.5-9.50.095127/124Q4080/3750
LA2027565F-256LT275/65R2012PR18.034.310.9 on 87.5-9.50.095129/126Q4080/3750
LA2028560F-256LT285/60R2012PR18.033.611.5 on 8.58.0-10.00.095129/126Q4080/3750
LA2033125F-25633x12.50R20LT12PR18.032.712.5 on 108.5-11.00.080119Q3000
LA2035125F-25635x12.50R20LT12PR18.034.712.5 on 108.5-110.080121Q3640
LA2037125F-25637x12.50R20LT12PR18.036.712.5 on 108.5-11.00.080128Q3970
Coming Late 2019LT235/80R1712PR18.031.99.2 on 6.56.0-7.50.095121/118Q3195/2910
Coming Late 2019LT245/70R1712PR18.030.79.7 on 7.06.5-8.00.095121/118Q3195/2910
Coming Late 2019 LT245/75R1712PR18.031.69.7 on 7.06.5-7.50.095121/118Q3195/2910
Coming Late 2019LT295/70R1712PR18.033.411.7 on 8.57.5-10.00.095129/126Q4080/3750
Coming Late 2019LT305/70R1712PR18.03412.2 on 9.08.0-9.50.080121/118Q3195/2910
Coming Late 2019LT315/70R1712PR18.034.512.7 on 9.58.0-11.00.080121/118Q3195/2910
Coming Late 2019LT285/70R1712PR18.033.911.5 on 8.57.5-9.50.095129/126Q4080/3750
Coming Late 2019LT295/70R1812PR18.034.411.7 on 8.57/5/100.095129/126Q4080/3750
Coming Late 2019LT305/70R1812PR18.03512.2 on 9.08.5-10.00.080129/126Q4080/3750
Coming Late 201937x12.50R18LT12PR18.036.712.5 on 108.5-11.00.080128Q3970